‘Best Job’ Winner Stung During Last Week at Work

Ben-Southall-best-job-world-stungThe winner of “The Best Job in the World” contest Ben Southall was stung by a miniscule jellyfish during his last week at work.

The culprit is an Irukandji jellyfish, a very small jellyfish common in Australian waters. A normal size of this animal is a square centimeter. Despite the size, its venom is very lethal with a collection of symptoms that has its own name, the irukandji syndrome.

Southall was jet skiing off Hamilton Island, the base island used for his “world’s best job” when he was stung. He admits though that he was not adequately dressed during the exploration. He said on his blog that he felt hot, sweaty, had headaches, felt pain in the lower back, chest tightening and had high-blood pressure. He had injections as an emergency medical treatment and fell asleep until the next day.

Putting all his experiences in the blog is part of his job while he explore and “take care” of the islands in the Great Barrier Reef. He defeated 34,000 applicants to get the six-month job. He gets a large salary and free lodging at a multi-million dollar villa. His contract ends at the end of the year.