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World Treadmill Record Set by Former British Soldier

A former British solider has set the new record for the most number of miles run in a treadmill in one week. He clocked in at 517.25 miles (832.4 kilometers). He is raising money for charity.Treadmill-world-record

Mike Buss, 35, from Swindon, is a former army physical training instructor and a former Royal Green Jacket. He ran for 20 hours and slept 2 hours at Brunel Shopping Center during the seven days of the attempt. The previous record stood at 468 miles (753 kilometers)

He is aiming to break 20 records every year to raise a million pounds for the Help for Heroes charity, which helps injured British service personnel. Next on his list are continuous cycling, running with a kit bag and running in a chemical warfare suit.

Buss has a hearing problem that resulted from a car-bomb explosion in Northern Ireland in 1997.

“I’ve lost two toenails, my legs are aching and the arches of my feet are painful,” said Buss after the week-long exercise. “I’m going home to have a bath, then have beef stew for dinner and chill out.”

Guinness Book of Records is verifying the record attempt.