World’s Oldest Leather Shoes Stand at 5,500 years old

areni-1-oldest-leather-shoeA leather shoe made out of cow hide and complete with laces was found in a cave in Armenia. It dates back to the Chalcolithic period or 3500 BC making it 5500 years old.

The shoe is now declared as the world’s oldest leather shoe after it outdated the one found in Otzi the Iceman by a few hundred years. The shoe, now named as Areni-1, is 1000 years older than the Great Pyramid of Giza and 400 years older than the Stonehenge.

Areni-1, which is in very good condition, was discovered by Diana Zardaryan, a student of Armenia’s Institute of Archeology, in a pit where a broken pot, grass, and sheep horns were also found. It was found in a cave, now known as Areni-1 Cave, in Vayotz Dror which is at the border of Armenia with Iran and Turkey.

“I was amazed to find that even the shoelaces were preserved,” Zardaryan said about her discovery.