World’s Oldest Person Dies

The world’s oldest person is going to change for the third time in less than a year after 114-year-old Kama Chinen of Okinawa, Japan, died on Sunday at a care facility where she had lived the final years of her life. Chinen was supposed to turn 115 on May 10.

Gerontology Research Group, which tracks the world’s oldest people, said Chinen was born on May 10, 1895, giving her the privilege of living through three centuries. Chinen replaced 115-year-old Gertrude Baines as the world’s oldest person when the American super centenarian died in September last year.

Chinen was one of many centenarians in Japan, especially in the Okinawa area. In an annual report released last year, Japan recognized more than 40,000 centenarians. The United Nations estimates that there will be some 1 million centenarians in Japan in the next 40 years.

The title of world’s oldest person now belongs to Frenchwoman Eugenie Blanchard, who was born on February 16, 1896.