World’s Smallest Working Model Train Set Unveiled

A model inside a model. The record has been broken for the world’s smallest working model train set. It was unveiled – measuring just 1/8th of an inch by 1/4 of an inch.


Mr. Smith, 55, from Toms River, said: “This model train set is going to be part of the larger train set I have at home.”

“I am creating a fictitious village called James River Branch and this model train is going to be placed inside the model shop I am building as part of the re-creation. It is going to be a model train village inside a model, so it is very postmodern”.

Having a scale of 1-35200 to a real train, the five-carriage model train manages to travel around an oval route. The model even includes a tunnel through which the train goes through and a clear sky as its background.

Created by David Smith, a New Jersey model train enthusiast, the model was built using nothing more but a craft knife and his steady hand. Powered by a standard two-inch-long rotating motor head and carved out of mouldable plastic, the model train cost Mr Smith just over £6 to make.

“To get a sense of scale you have to remember that the River Branch project is being built to the scale of 1-220,” Mr Smith added. “It has taken up two and a half years of my life and is going to be very impressive once it is finished.”