Yemeni President Wounded as Tribesmen Attack Palace

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was one of several high-ranking officials wounded on Friday when tribesmen fired rockets at the presidential palace in the first-ever attack to specifically target the chief executive since the uprising reached the capital, Sana’a, last week.

Government spokesman Tareq al-Shami said that Saleh suffered only light injuries to the neck, which did not require the president to seek medical attention outside the palace. Also wounded in the attack were the prime minister, deputy prime minister, parliament speaker, and the governor of Sana’a. At least four of Saleh’s guards were killed in the rocket strike, which comes after the government shelled the homes of several opposition leaders, including a military general who supports protesters.

The Yemeni state television immediately issued a statement after the attack, saying that Saleh was “in good health.” Earlier, an opposition-controlled T.V. station claimed that the rocket attack killed Saleh, who has ruled the impoverished Middle Eastern country for 33 years.