“You have 0 friends”- A Facebook episode on South Park

Ever since Facebook hit the internet scene in September 2006, everyone seems to get infected with its addictive charm. And it’s no surprise that South Park has made an episode about this social phenomenon.

Parodying the social networking site, the hilarious episode “You have 0 friends” ¬†features Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman getting sucked into the frenzy of adding friends and playing a “farm” game on Facebook. Stan, however, is less than thrilled about the idea.

The animated sitcom has long been known to use satirical and dark humor in its episodes. Some subjects discussed in the show such as religion and toilet humor had made its accessibility to children questionable.

However, these controversies did not stop the show from gaining 8 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program. ¬†One of these awards were given due to an episode where South Park had also used satirical comedy on the online gaming phenomenon entitled “Make love, not Warcraft.”

You can visit southparkstudios.com to watch the full episode.