YouTube launches XL


YouTube today is releasing a new interface for the site that is optimized for TV. It’s called YouTube XL.

How does it differ from YouTube’s typical Web page?

Everything’s bigger, it’s very clean and it looks a lot like a DVD menu. YouTube has also removed the scroll bars, suggested videos, comments, and other content that clutters the main site.

XL will work with any Web connected device and on any browser. That means you’ll be able to use it though your Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3. It also supports HD video and will give you access to almost all YouTube content, but not on some premium content.

YouTube has also developed an application called Gmote. Instead of using a wireless keyboard, you can use the Gmote Android app to control the video player. It’s only on Android so far but we expect an app to be built for the iPhone and other devices soon.

Very interesting.  It seems that the video wars are going to be fought in the living room over the next few years.

[Via Mashable]