Youtube will soon offer Feature Films

youtube feature filmsYoutube will add feature films to their site according to CNET report. The report says that YouTube will begin offering feature films by Hollywood movie studios within 1 to 3 months.

For months, Google, YouTube’s parent company, has been talking to the major film companies about launching an ad-supported, streaming movie service, two execs with knowledge of the negotiations told CNET News. “It’s not imminent,” said one of the executives. “But it’s going to happen. I would say you can expect to see it, if all goes well, sometime within the next 30 to 90 days.”

YouTube will have to compete with Hulu, another site for streaming “long form” video. Hulu provides clear video image which YouTube fails to deliver. YouTube’s wide-screen video player offers less pixilated 16:9 format than its standard player but still no match for Hulu’s quality.

Over the past year, Hulu’s advantages over YouTube have become clear. Hulu attracts more ad revenue because advertisers are more comfortable with full-length TV shows and films than they are with user-generated fare. Something else Hulu has going for it is a superior viewing experience. Hulu’s player offers some of the clearest images found on the Web.

This move might be a good move for YouTube but it will not change how I watch my movies, I’m still going for a TV and DVD anytime. YouTube is the best site for short viral videos that last for a few minutes, no doubt about it. If they improve the video rendering, I’m sure it will sky rocket their traffic even more and get more profit from it.