Yowza: Black Friday coupons via your smart phone


Black Friday is here and the holiday season shopping madness has just started. Today more and more consumers are taking advantage of savings at their favorite retail stores, via mobile coupons available to them. One of these is via the free Yowza!! application.

The Yowza website is currently down maybe because of too much server load but for those looking for information about Yowza, they are now offering plenty of Black Friday coupons for your mobile device.

Now both the iPhone and Android devices can connect to Yowza, which allows you to search your geographic area for coupons, deals and discounts.

So what exactly is Yowza?

Originally launched earlier this year for the iPhone and iPod touch, Yowza!! is a mobile couponing application that allows users to search for nearby, participating retailers either via zip code or by using the device’s built-in GPS to find stores within 1, 5, 15, 25 or even 50 miles of their current location. Once an offer is selected, a mobile coupon code or scan-able barcode can be redeemed at checkout. Starting this week, Toys R’ Us, Babies R’ Us, Robbins Brothers, Hobby Lobby and ULTA Beauty Stores are now Yowza!! retail partners, making deals available in time for the holidays.

VIDEO: Yowza explains its app