Zac Efron on Girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and Why He’s Not Playing the Field

zac-efron-vanessa-hudgensHigh School Musical series star Zac Efron answered questions regarding her relationship with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, why he is not playing the field and why he did not took the lead role in the remake of Footloose.

“Believe me, I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field? One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on right now. You’re peaking on Ecstasy and you’re watching TV.’ But it’s not in my heart,” said Efron, 22, in the September issue of Details magazine.

The actor said that he prefers long-time relationship over “playing the field.” The couple began dating in 2005.

He also dismissed the issue that their relationship was a publicity stunt. “That’s just f***ing insane,” he said. “I’ve never even heard of that happening… It would have been so much easier to call it off a long time ago.” The star of Charlie St. Cloud also said that his relationship with Hudgens is “not very interesting and there’s no money to be made on it. It’s exactly how it should be. It’s real.”

Regarding the film Footloose, the actor said that he didn’t found the things he loved from the original film in the proposed remake. That’s the  reason why he can’t see himself doing it.

Reports flew that the reason he turned down the role at the time he was offered it was because he wanted to take a break from musicals.