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Eleven Warr: The most-visited Ohio State sports blog

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For an Ohio State-dedicated sports website, it’s astonishing that Eleven Warr’s blog only came into existence three years ago. And despite its relative youth, 11W is fast becoming one of the most-visited blogs for Ohio State sports news. With over 1 million unique monthly visitors and 4 million monthly page views, 11W has had as many page views as some of the biggest news sites in America. Only ten other sites get more traffic than 11W. This media source provides extensive coverage on topics of interest, including college football recruiting, business, and much more. Eleven Warr covers eleven areas of concern related to the world of Ohio State sports. These include the football team, basketball team, recruiting, academics, investigating stories, and more. Eleven Warr also has a podcast called The Guys from Columbus, where staff members discuss various topics related to Ohio State athletics.


From its humble roots as just someone passionate about Buckeyes in 2006 (when they were still playing), Eleven Warrior has grown into an award-winning media outlet with full-time beat writers who cover football games every week alongside their weekly television show airing Sundays on Spectrum Sports networks nationwide while maintaining our whimsical culture which makes us unique among other outlets reporting accurate information without any click bait!

Eleven Warr is a great website for keeping up with all the latest news and information on the Ohio State Buckeyes. The site offers various articles, updates, and opinion pieces on various sports-related topics, including football, basketball, baseball, and more. Eleven Warr is also a great place to interact with other fans and discuss important topics related to Buckeye sports. Eleven Warr is committed to delivering accurate and unbiased information to its readers as an independent website.

If you’re not an Ohio State fan, you might not have heard of Eleven Warr. It’s a website that provides news and analysis on the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. The site is run by Chris Chip Brammer, a former Ohio State employee, and it’s one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the team available. Even if you’re not a Buckeyes fan, you can appreciate the dedication and attention to detail that Eleven Warr brings to its coverage.

We know that a large OSU fan base would be willing to back up a similar site, such as 11W. Now that it exists let’s hope other schools do the same. Hopefully, we won’t need a website devoted solely to Ohio State athletics news in the future. One of these days, every school will have something similar. Please continue to support 11 Warriors until then! We appreciate it so much. If you don’t know about 11W, you probably aren’t a big Ohio State fan. You’ve probably never looked at their website even if you’re a big Ohio State sports fan. No matter what, make sure you take a moment to learn more about what they do. These days you can find sites like ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and Fox Sports with constant coverage of college football news and highlights. The 11 Warriors remains distinctive from its competitors by eleven warriors who contribute content in eleven different ways: they run a blog, podcast, Twitter feed, youtube channel, Facebook page, weekly radio show, and more. This impressive array of content helps them stand out in the crowded world of college sports media.

Eleven Warriors has quickly become one of the most popular sites for Ohio State fans. There are many reasons for this, but four of the most important are authenticity, passion, depth, and writing. Eleven Warriors is authentic in its coverage of the team. The site does not try to sugarcoat anything or make things seem better than they are. This is a breath of fresh air for many fans who are tired of the corporate-owned sites that only post positive stories. Eleven Warriors is also passionate about the team and the fans. This comes through in the articles that are posted on the site. The writers go above and beyond to provide quality content that is both informative and interesting. In addition, Eleven Warriors has a depth of coverage unmatched by other sites. The writers know their stuff and can provide insightful analysis that helps readers understand what is going on with the team. Finally, Eleven Warriors has some of the best writing in the business. The articles are well-written and easy to read. They are also engaging and thought-provoking. This combination of factors makes eleven warriors one of the best places to go for breaking news on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Eleven Warr FAQ

Q: When was the site created initially?

A: The site was started in 2006. If you want to know more about the site’s history, read the oral history here.

Q: Who the heck should read the Eleven Warrior’s site?

A: If you’re a Buckeyes Fan, live in Ohio, or enjoy reading college football content, then Eleven Warr is for you.

Q: What type of content is on the Eleven Warr site?

A: Podcasts, interviews, videos, game analysis, and exclusive Ohio Buckeyes content is all accessible from the website.

Q: How can I contact the Eleven Warrior’s staff?
A: Here is their catch-all email address – notifications@elevenwarriors.com

Q: How can I support the website?
A: They have a monthly subscription or you can support them by buying through their affiliate links.

About the Eleven Warriors Staff

Founder & PublisherJason Priestas


Executive Editor – Chris Lauderback

Executive Editor – Ramzy Nasrallah

Senior Editor – Johnny Ginter

Deputy Editor – Dan Hope

Staff Writers

Basketball Beat – Griffon Storm

Football Recruiting – Garrick Hodge

Producer – Chase Brown


Medical Contributor – Aloiya Earl

Data Analyst – Matt Gutridge

Football Scheme – Kyle Jones

Wrestling Beat – Andy Vance

Associate Producer – George Eisner

Associate Producer – Josh Poloha


Creative Director – Walt Keys

Staff Eternal

Corey Carpenter Curt Heinrichs

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