6 Most Anticipated Movies To Watch This Spring With Your Girlfriend

Who doesn’t love movies? They make us cry and laugh, fill us with hopes new inspirations, and teach and entertain. Finally, going to the cinema is probably the most delightful entertainment for friends and couples. This year, the film industry is going to shock us with new superhero sequels, loud reloads of old franchises, and many other fascinating pictures. The list of the most anticipated movies of 2018 and spring premiers, in particular, are already in our article. The list is made with the help of movie lovers from http://yourbrides.com.

Tomb Raider (March 16)
Attractive British archaeologist Lara Croft was the first woman of young boys’ dream in the latest 90’s. During the past 20 years, the image of the female adventurer has changed radically from a doll with hypertrophied curves to a quite realistic woman that has emotions and maybe even vulnerable sometimes. New “Tomb Raider” with Alicia Vikander tells a well-known story wrapped in a much more realistic cover. A new look at an old female superhero is another good opportunity to visit a cinema with your partner.

Unsane (March 23)
The new work of famous innovator Steven Soderbergh deserved the status of the most anticipated movie of 2018 due to its experimental component. The film was shot on the iPhone by Soderbergh himself. You must agree it’s an awesome solution for a thriller that adds realism and a sense of presence. Go through a story of a young Sawyer Valentini being trapped in an asylum. Cuddle your beloved one in a cinema hall and let yourself be scared.

Ready Player One (March 30)
Steven Spielberg is a beloved master of creating fantasy worlds and spectacular actions. This year, he is ready to demonstrate his new cyber-punk masterpiece. Among other most anticipated movies, “Ready Player One” is probably the brightest in the science fiction genre. In 2045, the only salvation from chaos is a virtual reality called OASIS. A simple guy tries to solve the secrets of the program and win in a contest where millions of other players should find the treasure. The picture is filled with tons of Easter eggs and references to iconic video games and pop-culture symbols so geeks and fantasy fans will definitely love this picture.

Tully (April 20)
The movie’s director and producer Jason Reitman is known for his remarkable family dramas and simple stories of love and life-like “Juno”, “Up in the Air”, “Men, Women

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