A Star Trek Dream Dismantled: The $150K Apartment and a Tale of Divorce

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ony Alleyne, a fervent Star Trek enthusiast, transformed his living space into a meticulous replica of the Star Trek Voyager starship, only to see his creation dismantled amidst a divorce settlement. This unique apartment, a manifestation of Alleyne’s passion and dedication, cost him $150,000 but was destined for ruin due to marital discord.

Creation of a Sci-Fi Sanctuary

Alleyne, after being served divorce papers in 1994, decided to channel his time and resources into converting his 500-square-foot apartment into a sanctuary for Star Trek aficionados. His living space became a testament to his craftsmanship and love for the franchise, featuring hand-crafted futuristic furniture, a voice-activated lighting system, and a bedroom transformed into a transporter.

A Marvelous Transformation

The transformation of the apartment was nothing short of marvelous, reflecting Alleyne’s attention to detail and commitment to recreating the ambiance of the Intrepid-class starship. The living space was not just a residence but a piece of art, a tangible representation of the Star Trek universe, allowing inhabitants to experience the essence of the iconic series.

The Unfortunate Dismantling

However, the fate of this extraordinary apartment was sealed by the intricacies of divorce proceedings. Despite Alleyne’s investment of time, effort, and finances, the ownership of the apartment rested with his soon-to-be ex-wife, who was responsible for the apartment’s expenses. Following the finalization of the divorce, she gained possession of the space and reportedly resolved to dismantle Alleyne’s creation entirely.

A Legacy of Dedication

Alleyne’s dedication to bringing the Star Trek universe to life will be eternally remembered by fans and fellow enthusiasts. His endeavor to create a space that resonated with the essence of the series showcased his unwavering passion and commitment to the world of science fiction. Although the physical manifestation of his dream has been dismantled, the memory of his Star Trek sanctuary continues to inspire and captivate the imaginations of many.


Tony Alleyne’s Star Trek apartment stands as a poignant tale of passion, creativity, and loss. The meticulous transformation of his living space into a Star Trek haven demonstrated the boundless possibilities of imagination and dedication. However, the subsequent dismantling of his creation serves as a somber reminder of the transient nature of material possessions amidst the complexities of human relationships. The legacy of his Star Trek apartment will endure, symbolizing the enduring spirit of fandom and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.