Bing Halloween Quiz

Bing Halloween Quiz

Bing Halloween Quiz: All Halloween Quiz Answers


Halloween is the spookiest of holidays, and it’s filled with fun facts! Read on to find out more about this ghoulish holiday.

How much do you know about Halloween?

How much do you know about halloween?

Can you name the first person to dress as a ghost for halloween?

What is the origin of the word “trick or treat”?

How many days are there between halloween and thanksgiving?

Do you know when kids in America started trick or treating?

Do you know when kids in America started trick or treating?

If you guessed “the 1940s,” then you’re right! That was when many of the traditions associated with Halloween were brought over from the UK, including trick or treating. However, some people think it started even earlier than that. Some say it started in the 1920s, while others say it began in the 1930s or ’50s.

Can you guess the number of pumpkins grown each year in America?

  • What’s the average number of pumpkins grown each year in America?
  • 45 million
  • 50 billion
  • 55 trillion

When was the Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze first held?

In 2012, the Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze was first held in Salem, Massachusetts. It has become an annual tradition and is held every October.

Which of these cities is most likely to be home to the most haunted house?

You can always count on New Orleans to be the most haunted city in America. If you’re looking for a ghost or two, this is the place to go!

In San Francisco it’s also common for people to believe their houses are haunted by ghosts, which means that there’s likely at least one house in town with activity going on inside.

Just because Chicago is known as “The Windy City” doesn’t mean it isn’t home to some creepy goings-on—it just means no one wants to admit they’ve seen any!

Los Angeles might seem like an unlikely place for a haunted house, but let me tell you: these hills have eyes!

What two items are associated with Halloween?

If you answered pumpkins and candy, then you’re correct! Pumpkins have been associated with Halloween since the early days of the holiday in Ireland. When Irish immigrants brought their tradition to America, they brought along a lot of pumpkins as well. They carved them into lanterns and hollowed them out so they could be used as candleholders for their spooky celebrations.

Along with pumpkins and candy, people often think of ghosts when they think of Halloween. Ghosts are very common in stories during this time of year because it’s so close to All Saints’ Day (November 1). On that day all Catholic saints are celebrated and remembered—including popular figures like Casper the Friendly Ghost or Harry Potter’s friend Hermione Granger, who is probably best known by her nickname: “Her-my-own.”

Another thing many people associate with Halloween is witches! Witches were thought to be able to fly on broomsticks because they had special powers bestowed upon them by Satan himself (and/or themselves). Because witches get around so much throughout October 31st nightlife activities such as trick-or-treating or going out drinking at bars after work which are usually closed on Mondays but open up again specifically for this occasion?

Which famous actress dressed as a zombie for Halloween in 1995 and ended up having nightmares for months afterwards?

This actress was afraid of the dark for months after she dressed up as a zombie for Halloween.

In 1995, Hollywood star Kim Basinger dressed up as a zombie for her annual Halloween party. She made her way down the red carpet at the event, but when she got to the end of it, she couldn’t take off her costume—the zipper had broken and she was stuck in full makeup with no way to remove it until someone found a pair of scissors.

Afterwards, Kim said that this experience haunted her dreams for months afterward: “I would wake up in my bed shaking because I thought he was coming into my room.” She also said that she had trouble sleeping at night because whenever she closed her eyes all she could see were zombies everywhere—and they were coming back to life thanks to some sort of dark magic!

Kim eventually recovered from these nightmares, but now whenever there’s an outbreak on The Walking Dead (which is basically every week), we hear about how terrified Kim is watching them on TV.

What is the Bing Halloween Quiz?


Halloween is a fun time of year, but it can be even more so when you play along with the Bing Halloween Quiz! Here are some questions that I’ve found on the Bing Halloween Quiz.

What happened every year on Halloween?

Halloween is a night of tricks and treats. It’s the day when the veil between the living and the dead is lifted, and ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and all manner of other creatures are free to roam our earth. That’s why it’s such a popular holiday: what could be more fun than sharing a cauldron of candy with your friends?

No doubt about it—Halloween is one of those rare occasions when you can get away with anything! In fact, this year there will be even more opportunities for mischief because October 31st falls on a Friday. That means that many schools will be closed for business on Monday so as not to interfere with anyone’s weekend plans…and thus any punishment handed down by teachers for misbehaving during school hours will be far less severe due to their absence in class!

Which of these was NOT a name of a Jack-o’-Lantern in Book 2 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

If you have any knowledge of the Harry Potter series, you might know that the pumpkin pasties sold in Hogsmeade are the best thing ever. You may also know that they’re served in pumpkin juice cups. But do you know which of these was NOT a name of a Jack-o’-Lantern in Book 2 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin pasties

Pumpkin pastries

Pumpkin pie

How many days before the actual holiday is the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration held?

The celebration of the dead is held 31 days after Halloween. It is called the Day of the Dead, and it’s celebrated in many Latin American countries. People build alters with candy and flowers to remember those who have died. These alters are places where you can leave gifts for your parents or grandparents who have passed away, so they will know you are thinking about them on their special day.

If you’re planning to celebrate this holiday (which would be an awesome idea!), then read below for some facts about this special time:

  • The name ‘Day of the Dead’ comes from Spanish “El Día de los Muertos”. This means that two words are combined together: “el” which means “the”, and “dia”, which means “day”.
  • The first thing that happens when someone dies is called a wake or vigil wake-watching). During this time friends and family gather together at home so that everyone can pay respects before burial takes place. In these cultures people usually take part in a celebration called Dia de Muertos (Day Of The Dead) each year on November 1st; this is because according to their beliefs spirits return home once each year during this time period.

What is the name of the main character in Hocus Pocus?

If you’re a big Hocus Pocus fan, you might be able to guess the correct answer. But even if you haven’t seen it in a while, don’t worry—the quiz will give you hints until you figure it out.

Which of these is NOT a book written by Ray Bradbury?

You can answer the question by choosing one of these options:

  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • The Illustrated Man
  • Dandelion Wine

In what town did Frankenstein’s monster track down his maker?

  • In what town did Frankenstein’s monster track down his maker?
  • The answer is Ingolstadt. You might have heard of it as the home of Germany’s oldest university, or perhaps you’ve heard it referred to as the capital of Bavaria, but either way you’ll be pleased to know that this small city has been immortalized in many great works of literature. It was here that Mary Shelley took inspiration for her novel Frankenstein; here that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island; and here where Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin and Percy Bysshe Shelley met one another—and fell madly in love (though not before spending some time at University College London).


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