Blooket – Join and Play

Blooket – Join and Play

Blooket – Join and Play With the Best Online Learning Platform

Blooket is a fun new twist on your typical review game. It’s really great for leveling up student engagement, it’s so much fun for students to play, and it just brings that fun and energy back into the classroom when you’re reviewing concepts. 

Blooket Login and Joining Blooket

Without further ado, let’s get started. First, you will need to go to and as a teacher, I’m going to want to log in to start using Blooket. Now, in the top right hand, corner you’ll see there are two choices: login and sign-up. If you’ve never used Blooket before, you’re going to want to create an account.

Click on the signup button. If you already have an account, you’ll want to click on the log-in button now, since I’ve already created a Blooket account, I’m just going to go ahead and click on the login button. Blooket is free to join, however, there are upgrades and monthly subscriptions.

Blooket Prices

Blooket has three subscription tiers as well as group pricing based on customized quotes. The free tier allows you to create and host games, as well as access to unique game types, question set search, and unlimited set modifications. At $2.99 per month billed yearly this is a steal but if that’s not enough then go for Plus at just under 3$ which includes all the benefits listed above plus early event invitations ! But what about Flex? Well unlike other services where users have limited abilities when canceling their subscriptions – here they can do so anytime without commitment!

Assign Homework in Blooket

Using the “HW” tab will take you to a page where it’s possible set up an assignment due date/time and goal. The assigned goals can either be minutes played in game mode or money earned while playing games online with other students on Blooket, depending upon what kind of learning experience is desired by teachers for their groups. Now that we have created our multiple choice question (MAXRESdefault), let’s head over towards generating codes so they may access these individualized gaming portals.

Getting Started With Blooket

Once you have logged in, you will see the Blooket dashboard. This dashboard here is going to be where you create your question set so you’ll see it here in the center. It says: you’ll need a question set to host.

I don’t have any question sets that I’ve created yet, which is why I see this here. If you have created question sets, they will be housed on this page that says “my sets”. So the first thing I want to do as a teacher to create a question set.

There are two great options for us to choose from; you’ll see a button that says create a set, and you’ll also see an option that says discover sets. Create a set, allows the teacher to create a question set from scratch. So let’s say, as the teacher you have a set of review questions that you want your students to be responding to, you would want to create a set so that you can import your own questions now.

Blooket Discover Sets

If you’re, just wanting to discover sets and see what other teachers out there have created, you can. Click on discover sets to see what already exist. I’m not going to be creating a question set, but really I’m going to be focusing here on this discover set section because there are so many incredible sets that teachers out there have already created. Click on discover, sets and you’ll see that there’s a page with tons and tons of different sets that you can choose from.

You also can search for a set. Let’s say I am a teacher looking to create a set or looking for a set out there about multiplication. I do have the ability to search for keywords here to find other sets that teachers have created about multiplication.

That’s just one example of how you can use that search bar. Click on the option that says “name that animal”. This is a great way to teach students about matching vocabulary, and words for different animals. You can try to match the picture to the animal’s name, and it’s great for people who love pets and all sorts of creatures. Furthermore, it’s just a fun game that you can try out to introduce Blooket to your students before you use It for a more high-stakes activity related to academics.

Randomization of Answers and Time Limit Personalization

There are all of the different questions, so there’s an image, and then it asks students to figure out what animal it is. Now, if we look at one of these questions, for example, where it says what animal is this, if I click on this drop down menu, that says show answers, it tells you four different choices that students can choose from.

There is a time limit so the teacher who created this set gives students 20 seconds to select the correct answer, and you’ll also see that there is this random answer order, meaning that the answers will be mixed for every student.

As a student, the way I receive this question might look differently from another student in the class who might have a different animal listed first. Now that we’ve taken a look at all the different questions, I’m going to go ahead and show you what it’s like to actually host this game, to try out with students.

What you’ll want to do is you’ll want to click on the button that says “host”. Now select the “game mode now” option. What makes Blooket unique and different than other learning apps is that you can do the same question set with students several different times, but have the interface look completely different. So this is a nice way to level up student engagement to get students really excited about all the different games that exist.

Blooket Game Modes

Some different games are tower defense, gold quest, and cafe game. Tower defense is an action packed, defensive chaos, that allows players to build towers to defend their castle by answering questions correctly. 

How to Start a Game

Click on host game now and you’ll have a few settings that need to be adjusted before you can start the game. Click on the allow late join to allow students to join in the game later. If you don’t want students to join the game late, then you will need to uncheck that option. Click on the “use random names”, the last choice is “number of questions now right.”

This is automatically on 30 questions, meaning that students are going to be asked 30 different questions during this game. Now that might feel like a lot of questions, so you do have the ability to increase the number of questions, or reduce the number of questions, it’s kind of up to you as the teacher.

But you do have the ability to add many more questions, depending on how many are in the question. Now that everything is set – go to play and enter the game id.

At this point, you’re all set up you’re ready to go. You are now going to want to instruct students to go to and have them enter the game id. Each game has a specific game ID that allows your students to play your game. 

Blooket Host

The host has complete control of the game. They can choose whether or not late joiners are allowed, how many questions there will be in total for each student (between 1-5), and what teams/individuals it’s going to represent at any given time – meaning if you’re hosting an English exam, then only those who already passed could participate. Your students won’t even need a smartphone because they’ll access all aspects through our mobile app available on either Android devices OR iPhone apps store depending upon which type device(s) YOU prefer using when hosting a Blooket game.

Teachers Perspective and Students Perspective

There are two types of perspectives: teachers and students. 

The student will go ahead and add the game ID and click the arrow button. You will be prompted to add a nickname and then wait for the teacher to start the game. As you’re waiting for other students to join, you can select your character and then wait for the teacher to begin the game. 

As the teacher, you will press the “start” button once all the students are in the class. Once the game starts, I suggest projecting the teacher’s perspective on the white board to show students their progress. This is an exciting way to keep students competitive. 

As a student, I’ll see a question. If I answer the question correctly than my character will progress along the screen (in the race game). The game ends once the first student answers 10 questions correctly. 

At the end of the game each student can see the percentage of questions that were answered correctly. This is helpful as it will provide feedback to the students and the teachers about progress. There is also a leaderboard to show how different students performed.

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