NFL Week Four Insights: A Comprehensive Look at Key Matchups and Predictions

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As the NFL season progresses, the matchups are becoming more intense and unpredictable. This article delves into the insights and predictions for the upcoming games, focusing on Detroit vs. Green Bay, Atlanta vs. Jacksonville, Denver vs. Chicago, and other notable matchups. We will also explore some expert opinions and predictions from various sports analysts and commentators, including Mark Zinno and Adam Trigger, who share their thoughts on the games and the teams’ performances.

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Detroit vs. Green Bay:

Detroit is heading into Green Bay with a -1 for the road team, and the total in this game is 45. Detroit struggled to score last week against the Falcons but managed to move the ball with 115 yards rushing and 243 yards in the air. Green Bay, on the other hand, is seriously injured with key players like Aaron Jones and Christian Watson out. Despite their injuries, Green Bay managed a lucky win against the Saints last week. The prediction for this game is a total under 45, with both teams struggling to score in the red zone.

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Atlanta vs. Jacksonville:

This game is set to take place at Wembley, with Atlanta at +3 and the total at 43.5. Jacksonville has been underperforming, but they are expected to bounce back against the Falcons, who couldn’t move the ball on Detroit at all. The prediction is for Jacksonville to win this game, as they are in a better spot to bounce back, and the season is slowly getting away from them.

Denver vs. Chicago:

Denver is at -3 against Chicago, a team that is considered by many as the worst in football. Denver has an experienced coach, a veteran QB, and a world-class wide receiver, making them the favorable team in this matchup. The prediction is for Denver at -3, and if one has to bet on the total, it would lean both Denver and under.

Buccaneers vs. Eagles:

Mark Zinno and Adam Trigger discussed the Buccaneers vs. Eagles game, where they predicted the Eagles to be the right side, calling the Buccaneers frauds. They emphasized the Eagles’ definitive win and the Buccaneers’ inability to perform up to the mark.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins:

The Bills are hosting the Dolphins, with the line moving towards three. The Bills are considered superior, with Josh Allen expected to make significant plays. The prediction is for the Bills to win, as the Dolphins have been overvalued after scoring 70 points in their previous game.

Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles:

The Commanders are catching eight and a half points against the Eagles. The Eagles do not look right, particularly on offense, and the prediction is for the Commanders to take advantage of the Eagles’ poor past defense and possibly win the game or at least cover the 8.5 points spread.

Survivor Picks and Other Games:

For survivor picks, the 49ers are considered the best choice for the week, being a two-touchdown home favorite against the Cardinals. The Saints are also a top pick in survivor, especially against Tampa Bay. The Jaguars and the Vikings are not considered favorable in their respective games, with the Panthers being a better choice if their defense is full strength.


Week four of the NFL is packed with exciting and unpredictable matchups. The insights and predictions provided by experts like Mark Zinno and Adam Trigger offer a glimpse into what to expect in the upcoming games. Whether it’s the intense matchup between Detroit and Green Bay or the anticipated bounce-back of Jacksonville against Atlanta, NFL fans are in for a treat. However, predictions are not set in stone, and the actual games might bring forth unexpected outcomes, adding to the thrill of the NFL season.