Pointclickcare Login

Pointclickcare Login

Point Click Care Login

Here is the login URL: https://login.pointclickcare.com/home/userLogin.xhtml

PCC Login Assistance

  1. You’ve entered the wrong username, password, or code. Remember that usernames are case sensitive.
  2. Your IP address is not authorized because you need to login from a remote server
  3. Your IP address has been suspended because it was used to register an account in violation of our policy. You can still access your funds, but be aware that if there are any further violations the same action may take place again until you convince us otherwise!
  4. PointClickCare is here to help you log in! If your account has been compromised or the password doesn’t work, just reach out. Our customer support team can give technical assistance with activating users and resetting passwords if needed so that no one else gets access but yourself again.

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