Shiseido’s Innovative Digital Mirror: A Revolution in Makeup Shopping

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Shiseido, a renowned beauty brand, has unveiled an innovative digital mirror, allowing women in Tokyo malls to experience a virtual makeup try-on before making a purchase. This intriguing concept is gaining traction, even in retail spaces where customers have the option to try on makeup physically.

The Digital Mirror Experience

The digital mirror operates by scanning the user’s face with a camera, after which a computer assesses the user’s skin tone. Based on this analysis, the system suggests suitable colors and products, virtually applying them to the user’s face. Subsequently, the mirror prints out photos of the user with the virtually applied makeup, aiding them in making informed choices while shopping.

Advantages of Virtual Try-On

This technology offers a unique advantage, providing expert advice without the interference of overly assertive beauty-counter personnel. Many users find the digital mirror’s suggestions more reliable, at least occasionally, compared to human advice. However, some skepticism exists, with users questioning the accuracy of the recommendations and fearing the mirror might suggest unflattering shades.

User Reception and Preferences

The introduction of this digital mirror has sparked discussions and polls among users, questioning whether they would prefer using such a mirror. The general consensus seems to be a mix of curiosity and skepticism, with some finding the concept far-fetched and cumbersome, while others express hope that these mirrors will be available in the U.S. soon.

Traditional vs. Digital

For those who prefer sticking to traditional mirrors, there are plenty of options available, but the advent of digital mirrors poses a question about the future of makeup shopping. It brings forth the possibility of a more personalized and informed shopping experience, reducing the reliance on trial and error.

Related Developments

This isn’t the first instance of technology merging with beauty; various websites allow users to try on hairstyles and makeup virtually. Additionally, mall kiosks are emerging as new hubs for beauty treatments, and websites are offering insights into products, allowing users to make more informed decisions.


Shiseido’s digital mirror is a revolutionary step in the beauty industry, blending technology with makeup shopping to offer a unique and personalized experience. While the concept has its share of skeptics, it also opens up possibilities for a more informed and customized approach to beauty shopping, potentially changing the way consumers interact with beauty products. Whether or not digital mirrors will become a staple in makeup shopping is yet to be seen, but they certainly offer a glimpse into the future of retail and beauty industries.