Brian Dunkleman Comments on Ryan Seacrest’s Joke

Last Tuesday night during the second performance of the top nine of American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest made some unusual behavior that caught the attention of many viewers.american-idol-ryan-seacrest-brian-dunkleman

He danced with a man during Tim Urban‘s song performance, much to the effort of Urban not to be distracted about this antic. He also made a joke about the tongue of Adam Lambert, last year’s runner-up and this week’s mentor. And he also made a joke about former co-host Brian Dunkleman that he will be co-hosting the other event in next week’s Idol Gives Back.

However, that joke backfired as some people in the audience took it seriously and applauded but it was cut short when Seacrest ended it up that it was a joke and Queen Latifah is the real co-host.

Dunkleman made a comment about it in an interview with He said, “Well, it was an attempt at a joke. But unfortunately for Ryan, instead of a laugh, he got applause. That’s never really been his strong suit. But it was a joke, and whether it was mean-spirited or not is irrelevant. A joke’s a joke; you can either take it or you can’t.”

The former co-host of season 1 further pointed out that all of Seacrest’s unusual behavior was an attempt to do crazy things that will help attract attention as the show lost the number 1 spot to Dancing with the Stars for the last two weeks.

Seacrest meanwhile explained his behavior to the Los Angeles Times. He said, “Often, I will playfully do things to amp up the energy for the live show, because it’s at the end of my long day. That night, I was just enjoying it and having a good time. My mom was there in the audience, I was in a good mood!”