XBox IP Address Helped Arrest Electronics Thief

Jeremiah Gilliam probably can’t believe that by using one of the items he stole would land him in jail. jeremiah-gilliam

Pelham, New York police were able to arrest the 22-year-old after he used online an XBox unit that he has stolen. The owner of the video game console was playing with another XBox unit when he noticed that the IP address of his stolen XBox  was listed to be being played currently online. He told his parents about the incident who reported it to the police.

The cops using the lead was able to trace that the IP address was being used from the house of Gilliam’s grandmother. At the residence, a total of 53 items, from XBox, GPS , Playstation, laptops and credit cards were found. It was suspected that the items were hauled from 200 different car break-ins and house burglaries.

Gilliam is under investigation for 13 robberies. He was arrested and will be charged with grand larceny.