Bing Homepage Quiz – Answer Questions, Win Rewards

Bing Homepage Quiz – Answer Questions, Win Rewards

Bing is a very popular search engine that can be used to find information on just about anything. Bing has been around since 2000 and was originally known as MSN Search before Microsoft bought them out in 2009. Bing has a fun interactive quiz on the homepage that allows searchers to win Microsoft rewards by answering questions to Bing’s weekly quizzes.

How to Play the Bing Homepage Quiz

Bing Homepage Quiz is a great way to learn more about the world around you, and they have some educational quizzes too! You can play these on their homepage or in different categories like pets & animals; geography, food, and entertainment.

To play Bing Homepage Quiz, simply go to your favorite browser and type in into your browser. We prefer using the Microsoft Edge browser. If you’re using a smartphone, I suggest downloading the Bing App on the Google Play Store or in the App Store

bing homepage quiz
Bing Homepage Quiz
  1. Click on the Q icon, and it will display question number one. The Q icon is located on the right-hand side of the Bing homepage screen. You will have to hover your mouse cursor over the right-hand side because it’s hidden.
  2. The questions are multiple-choice. Choose the correct multiple choice option (the answer you think is correct). Select the right answer by clicking on A, B, or C.
  3. You will be redirected to the Bing search engine, where you can see if your answer was correct!
  4. Next, tap on the “Next Question” option below the answer. The cool thing is that the result will also show you what percentage of users got the correct answer. It seems like I know a lot about Colorado!
  5. You’re almost done! You’ll be asked to answer 2 more questions on the same topic. Your result will now appear in front of you (just like in the previous step). 
  6. When you complete the Bing quiz, it will give 10 points to your Microsoft account. You can then use these rewards in order get something worth celebrating!

Bing Homepage Quiz Question and Answers

Question 1: What is a blood moon?

Choices: A: Full Moon, B: Red Moon, C: Lunar Eclipse

Question 1: What was the recent full called?

Choices: A: Beaver Moon, B: New Moon, C: Ice Blue Moon

Question 3: When was the last lunar eclipse (as of Nov 7, 2022)

Choices: A: May 2022, B: December 2020, C: November 2022.

The Top Bing Quizzes of 2022

Top 5 Bing Quizzes

Pumpkin Spice Mix Bing Homepage Quiz 

If you enjoy a good pumpkin spice mix, then we invite to take the Pumpkin Spice Mix Bing Homepage Quiz. You will be able to answer many questions about this popular autumn flavor (for basic women). The quiz consists of 10 questions and it’s fun to try out how much you know about this subject. If your score isn’t high enough, come back because there are many more quizzes. Try to complete the Pumpkin Spice Mix Bing Homepage Quiz without making any mistakes. You can get your rating once you are done! Also, if this sounds interesting and wants more information on how it works, just click an answer choice and then search for what type of food or drink would match each one (people often learn something new by doing these types).

Bing Entertainment Quiz 

bing entertainment quiz
  1. Jennifer Hudson is an Academy Award-winning singer and actress. Which award did she win in order to become a EGOT? Answer: Tony
  2. Which iconic dress did Kim K. damage? Answer: Marilyn Monroe
  3. How did BTS shock their fans? Answer: They said they wanted to take a break
  4. Which long running day time talk show is hanging up its shoes after 13 years? 
  5. What was the name of BJ Novak’s character in the office? Answer: Ryan

Bing Homepage Quiz – Be Aware

Bing Today’s Quiz changes daily, and you can only choose from 3 questions. This method does not allow for topic customization or interest selection, so all users must follow what Bing asks regardless if it’s interesting to them at first glance – which might be a problem since there are many different topics available in this blog!

Troubleshooting for Bing Homepage Quiz

Problem 1: Bing Homepage Quiz is not loading.

All you have to do is clear your cache. Try another browser if that doesn’t work. 

Problem 2: I’m not receiving my points.

This could be because you are on a shared network or using the same device as the other person that logged in. You might have to clear your cache, log out, or reset your (flush) your network connection. If this doesn’t work, then you should contact Bing support.

Problem 3: What Can You Win by Playing the Bing Homepage Quiz?

Redeem your points for rewards that will make you happy, like gift cards and sweepstakes entries. The best part is how easy it is! You will need a Microsoft account to get your rewards. You can even play this quiz in Thailand.

You can also donate your points. With over $12 million dollars in donations, rewards for the world has made a difference!

You can also try and play the Bing Waterfalls Quiz or the Bing News Quiz.

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