How to Get Free Robux

How to Get Free Robux

Real Ways to Get Robux for Free

Robux is the in-game currency for the Roblox game. Is it still possible to earn free Robux? There are still a couple of legitimate ways to get Robux for free. Here are the ways to do so.

Robux redemption

1. Get Free Robux for signing up.

To start getting free Robux, you will need a Roblox account. If you already have one, great! 

Create a new account by signing up at the link below. 

You’ll be asked for your email address and choose a password for your new account (make sure it’s easy for you to remember). Then click “Continue” to go through our terms of service and privacy policy pages and confirm your email address before signing up for Roblox.

2. Earn Robux by completing surveys and quizzes.

  • Earn Robux by completing surveys and quizzes.

There are many ways to earn free Robux on Roblox, but the easiest way is to take part in surveys and quizzes on third-party websites. These websites ask for your email address, so they can send you updates about new surveys and quiz offers as soon as they become available. You might have to complete a few surveys or quizzes that usually take 5 minutes or less. 

You can also earn free Robux by playing games or participating in competitions hosted by Roblox itself! When you play any sort of game on Roblox (whether it’s custom-made by one person or created collaboratively with multiple people), there is an option called “Game Passes.” These passes allow players who want extra items without spending real money to purchase them instead; some passes may even provide users with an opportunity to win prizes such as Tix or tickets for different games throughout the next year! You can sell your passes for any amount of Robux you choose. Remember that Robux earned from selling passes will be held in “pending” status for a holding period. Once the holding period is over, your Robux will be sent to your account, and you can view your transactions in your “My Transactions”. 

3. Get Free Robux when you join the Builder’s Club and become a daily login member.

builders club roblox
Builder’s club is a great way to sell for Robux

The Builder’s Club is a subscription service that can be purchased for Roblox. The builder’s club costs $5.95 USD per month and gives you access to special perks and features like no advertisements, special hats and shirts, and membership in the exclusive RLC (Roblox Las Vegas) clubhouse. If you sign up now and become a daily login member, you’ll receive 50 free Robux every day!

To get started with the Builder’s Club:

  • Login to your account on Roblox by clicking here or going directly to if you aren’t currently logged in
  • Click on “Account” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  • Click “Builders Club” from the list of options available under “My Account.”

4. Sell your creations in exchange for free Robux.

  • Sell your creations in exchange for free Robux.

There is a marketplace on Roblox where you can sell your creations and earn money from them. You can use the money you earn to buy Robux if you want. However, this method is not a reliable one because it is dependent on the popularity of your creation and whether or not people want to buy it or not! The actual amount you earn will depend on your creation and if anyone wants to buy it. This all depends on you. 

5. You can earn Robux for free by using Microsoft Rewards

microsoft rewards robux

Searching and shopping with Microsoft can earn you Robux. All you need to do to earn Microsoft Rewards points is sign up for a free account. Then you need to search and play with Microsoft Rewards to unlock more Robux. One great way to quickly earn reward points is by playing the Bing Weekly Quiz. You can then redeem your reward points for Robux within your Microsoft Rewards account. Use your Robux to buy new accessories, emotes, and more for your avatar or special in-game perks.

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