NFL Week 12 Shakeup: Surprises and Standings in the Race to the Playoffs

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As the NFL advances into Week 12, the playoff picture is becoming increasingly clear, highlighting the teams likely to succeed and those on the brink of elimination. This week’s games are not only pivotal in terms of playoff contention but also offer a glimpse into potential postseason matchups.

AFC Playoff Picture

  • Top Spot Takeover: The Baltimore Ravens have overtaken the Kansas City Chiefs for the top seed in the AFC, sitting at 8-3. Their position is a direct result of the Chiefs’ recent loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, dropping Kansas City to 7-3​​.
  • Division Leaders and Contenders: The Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars, all at 7-3, are the other division leaders. Each team has its challenges, but they are well-positioned to host games in January.
  • The Wild Card Race: The Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Houston Texans lead the wild card race, but with Buffalo Bills close behind at 6-5, there’s no room for error. The Denver Broncos, overcoming a rough start, have emerged as potential wild card contenders​​.
  • Teams in Crisis: The Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets, plagued by quarterback injuries, face dwindling playoff hopes, similar to the Las Vegas Raiders and the Indianapolis Colts.

NFC Playoff Picture

  • Eagles’ Dominance: The Philadelphia Eagles, with a significant win over the Chiefs, have solidified their lead in the NFC at 9-1. They hold a two-game lead over the second seed​​​​.
  • Chasing the Bye: The Detroit Lions (8-2), San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas Cowboys (both at 7-3) are hot on the Eagles’ heels, making the race for the top seed and a first-round bye highly competitive.
  • Other Division Leaders: The New Orleans Saints, leading the NFC South at 5-5, are potential division winners but are unlikely to secure a bye week.
  • Wild Card Contenders: The Seattle Seahawks (6-4) and the loser of the NFC East (likely the Cowboys) are strong contenders for the wild card spots. The Minnesota Vikings, currently holding the seventh seed at 6-5, are also in the mix, especially with key players returning from injuries​​.


NFL Week 12 is crucial for shaping the playoff landscape. Teams like the Ravens and Eagles have strengthened their positions, while others like the Bengals and Jets face uphill battles. This week’s matchups are not just about wins and losses but about securing a spot in the postseason dance. The outcomes of the