IFVOD TV – Free Streaming Service with Chinese Subtitles

IFVOD TV – Free Streaming Service with Chinese Subtitles

IFVOD TV – Free streaming service catered to Chinese viewers

The Chinese government has strict media regulations, which means that only a few companies can legally offer programming from China. However, with everyone’s help, IFVOD TV is an app (and website) that is cherished and preferred around the world because of its wonderful free programming and streaming of shows from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and all other Southeast Asian countries. The website was born in Asia but is known all over our planet. 

This is a Chinese-based internet TV service that has quickly grown in popularity. The team behind Ifvod was founded more than 10 years ago and currently provides its library of movies, shows, or original content available worldwide through websites like Youtube (even though they’re not connected). It also offers free access for all users who can view it on desktop computers/laptops, tablets such as iPad®; smartphones, including Android devices iPhone™*. You’ll be able to watch your favorite programs no matter where you go since this platform works well across most devices! 

You’ll be able to watch your favorite shows on IFVOD (a channel dedicated entirely to providing free content), and access is available where ever there is a decent internet connection. They provide high-quality content 24/7 all year round. The focus of IFVOD is on people who live outside of Asia that want to watch Asian programming as well as US programming WITH Chinese subtitles. All subtitles are in mainland Chinese. 

Why choose IFVOD?

The variety of programs on IFVOD TV is what makes it so popular among people from all around the world who want to watch their favorite Chinese shows without having difficulty accessing them via internet streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t live in China, then choosing which channels are available can be difficult since there’s only one channel that broadcasts exclusively in Mandarin (which isn’t even necessarily voiceover); however, with this live audio feed ​​you’ll never miss out! There is nothing more convenient than being able to get unlimited entertainment at your fingertips 24/7, regardless of where you live. 

The most exciting feature about IFVOD is how easy it can be to use. Not only do you have access to paid sites (for free). Movies that just came out on Netflix and Hollywood blockbusters are usually already on the site within a few days of the actual movies becoming available on their platforms.

Apart from being one of the best and most trusted online sites, IFVOD TV has this outstanding feature that makes it unique. Thousands upon thousands can access this website due to its license with Chinese applications found on their platforms which are appropriate for all ages. There’s no need to worry when you’re searching through your favorite websites or apps because they offer top-notch content compared to other websites. in case anyone missed out on programming on other sites —you’ll find what you’re looking for on IFVOD. This website also offers great audio/video quality as well so viewers won’t miss any details while watching whichever package suits them best: either subtitled (for those who prefer subtitles) or dubbed. 

The addition of foreign content was long overdue for IFVOD TV. They had been broadcasting only from China until 2016, which helped them stand out but at the same time limited their progress as a platform because there were no other options besides watching movies and shows created in Asia-Pacific region only (which isn’t bad). However with this change came new opportunities: now we can enjoy dubbed versions if our favorite Hollywood blockbusters or even some period pieces like Lord Of The Rings! It’s not just about giving people access; it’s also an opportunity to show what else might be worth checking out when they want something different than another Asian film adaptation

The content on this site is second to none. You can watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows without worrying about security threats or having data recorded while browsing the website!

IFVOD TV History

ifvodtv whois detail

According to Whois Domain Tools, ifvod.tv was registered on 7/14/2010. It changed name servers twice in 3 years. It’s currently hosted on Cloudfare nameservers with as the IP address.

IFVOD – Is it Down?

ifvodtv site is down

If you go to the site, it servers a 403 error, which means that access has been denied to the public. The domain itself still carries a SSL certificate so that means that it’s still being hosted. 

According to isitdownrightnow.com, the site has been down for a few week (at least). 

What Happened to IFVOD?

Danube was sued for privacy and infringement and was transferred to ifvod.tv. 

According to Trinity CineAsia’s management:

“Danube website has been transferred to a new site called ifvod.tv, which is still carrying out large-scale infringements by showing low-quality videos obtained through illegal sources and making money off it while hurting the entire film industry as well. True movie lovers should not watch movies on ifvod.tv because their practices are undoubtedly harming everyone involved in this business including yourself who loves cinema like me or my friends that enjoy viewing these films legally online without having them streamed from abroad where they’re available at lower prices than what you’d pay here locally due either content licensing issues.”

IFVOD Alternatives

Since IFVOD is down, what is the best IFVOD alternative?

IFVOD TV might be one of the best streaming platforms for watching Chinese movies and shows but it’s not without its flaws. In this article, we’ll take a look at what some people don’t like about IFVOD tv as well as other popular alternatives that feature all your favorite content from Mainland China including SAMSUNG+, Mango Languages etcetera!


iyf tv homepage

IYF TV is another popular streaming platform in China. This website was introduced early 2010’s and has become one of top sites for watching movies/shows online, with more than 18 million visits every month! It also features lots great content created by Chinese producers alongside Hollywood films & news stories that help compete against other platforms like PandaTV or mian tulip which are both heavily advertised onimplied during ad breaks within videos themselves


iQiyi is a streaming platform that has over 480 million monthly users and 100 million paying subscribers. This site uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance the user experience, which makes it stand out from other platforms like Netflix or Hulu With Live TV in America where you must search through thousands upon thousand hours worth of content before finding what your looking for!


The video streaming platform, Tencent Video is one of the most popular websites in China with over 600 million active users per month and counting. It offers both movies for adults as well kids’ entertainment to keep its audience happy at any age! The library also includes new releases from Hollywood blockbusters all leading up until independent films coming out next year- making this site a go resource whether it’s looking forward or backwards

In addition they have special promotions every day where you can get discounts on your favorite shows so check them often if don’t already know about these deals before hand


Since its launch in 2010, Youku has quickly become one of the most popular sites in China. With a library that includes movies and TV shows as well as gaming or news videos (depending on what users are looking for), this platform offers an alternative to IFVOD TV because it provides such variety!


Bilibili is a website that provides access to both Chinese and Japanese anime, as well as video content from other countries such streaming services like Netflix. The site’s popularity in China has grown at an impressive rate over recent years due largely because it allows users free viewing of various kinds without ads or restrictions on file size – something many people are looking forward too nowadays when their internet connection isn’t always stable enough for high-quality videos online . In addition