10 Significant Workplace Trends

workplace-trendsJanuary 23, 2014, the third annual workplace report was released. 2014 Workplace Trends Report shows the changing working climate in today’s world and the emerging new needs of the employees. And together with the employees also the companies, employers need to offer the perfect working climate to make sure all the people in the companies are inspired and engaged.

Especially considering the fact that we spend more than half of the hours we are awake at work. According the the report, 54 percent, to be exact. And as of now, out of 100 million full-time employees in America only 30% feel engaged and inspired at work.

“The key to creating engaged employees lies in the experience you create for them at work. It’s not only understanding how to enhance their productivity and engagement; it’s also about uncovering and executing on ways to improve their quality of life,” said Michael Norris, chief operating officer, Sodexo North America.

2014 Workplace Trends Report addresses a number of key trends and solutions, such as:

  • Workplace Experience Design
  • Creating an Engaging Work Environment Through Gamification
  • Health-Centered Buildings: A Paradigm Shift in Buildings and Operation
  • Cross Cultural Understanding and Management
  • Always On: Managing the Challenges of Work-Related Communication Technology
  • Demonstrating Value in Employee Recognition Programs: Why VOI is the New ROI
  • Constructing “Smarter” Buildings
  • Creating the Future of Work: Getting Started
  • 30 Jobs of the Future and How to Create Them
  • Total Health: Integrated Approaches to Worker Health Promotion and Protection

Learn more about the report below.


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