3D Movies Coming Soon in Blu-Ray Discs

The Blu-Ray Disc Association has approved the final specification to enable 3D movies to be played out from Blu-Ray discs.Blu-ray-200GB

The specification will have backward compatibility with the current Blu-Ray drives in cases where the players cannot decode the images for RD – or for simply not having the proper 3D equipments yet, like compatible displays, players and of course the often expensive specialized glasses.

Meanwhile, Playstation 3 producers Sony, has assured the game console owners that PS3 is compatible to the new specifications as 3D technology is already incorporated to enable 3D gaming.

Device manufacturers and content producers will be able to get the specifications anytime now. This is where to play comes in. The specifications requires that two separate 1080p frames to be encoded, one for each eye to be compresses together melding common elements from both views. This will reduce storage to 50% more compared to 2d discs. The display machine will then use any method to produce the 3D effects – to name a few:passive filtered glasses, active filtered switching glasses and anaglyph.