A Cheaper MacBook?

According to MacNewsWorld, Apple’s doing something with notebooks. There are a lot of rumors that there’s an $800 MacBook on the way. Would a cheaper notebook open more doors for Apple, or would bargain-minded buyers go for even cheaper PCs?

The $800 price point — a $300 drop from the lowest-end existing MacBook — is still a rumor, born out of some alleged price sheets that Apple may or may not have sent to its retailers. However, the secretive Apple guaranteed something relating to laptops will happen when it sent out an invitation to journalists to attend a briefing event in California on Oct. 14.

The real question is, “What if the $800 price point is true?” After all, that’s a ground-breaking price for a Mac laptop, though it’s in line with the average selling prices (ASPs) for the rest of the (non-Apple) notebook market.