Actor Andrew Koenig is Missing

Actor Andrew Koenig has not been seen since February 14. He was last sighted in Vancouver, Canada.andrew-koenig

The actor (pictured during his younger years) missed his flight last February 16 which was bound to Los Angeles where he currently lives. There is evidence that he was depressed prior to his disappearance. His father, Walter Koenig, received a note from him prompting concerns about his whereabouts. His work partner, Lance Miccio, said that Koenig told him two weeks ago that he “was not going back to work anymore.”

Koenig lived in Vancouver during the early 1990s. He normally visits the area to meet up with friends and take a walk in the city’s Stanley Park. In fact, he was last seen in a bakery near the park.

Several of his friends already posted messages in their tweeter accounts asking their followers to give any information that they may know regarding Koenig.

He starred as Richard “Boner” Stabone in the television series Growing Pains. He is currently an outspoken environmentalist and human activist.