Adobe Partners with Google; Gives Free Android Phones to Its Employees

google-phone-nexus-oneGoogle is happy to be partnering with Adobe to bring the full web, great applications, and developer choice to the Android platform,” said a blog posted by Google Vice President for Engineering Andy Rubin in Adobe forum.

It is the next chapter in the continuing war saga between Adobe and Apple that sparked after the latter restricted using non-Apple-approved languages for application development for the new iPhone OS 4.0.

Adobe will be demonstrating a version of Flash 10.1 for the Android software in the upcoming Google I/O conference slated this month. Flash 10.1 will be released in June.

To make sure that Adobe employees will be spending as much time using Android phones and flash, the company will be giving away free Flash-running Android phones to them. It was not disclosed as to what kind of phones will be given away.

Google has been giving away Android phones. It will give away either a Motorola Droid or Nexus One (pictured) to each person attending the Google I/O conference, and it will up to attendee to make the choice.