Adobe Stops Flash on iPhone

Adobe project manager Mike Chambers posted in a blog that the company will no longer continue the Flash-for-iPhone software after Apple changed its development license agreement prohibiting the use of third party applications.Adobe-Creative-Suite5-logo

Chambers made a tirade to Apple starting with “…if you want to develop for the iPhone you have to be prepared for Apple to reject or restrict your development at any time, and for seemingly any reason.” He also said, “They [Apple] want to tie developers down to their platform, and restrict their options to make it difficult for developers to target other platforms.”

The announcement widens the gap between Apple and Adobe. Apple previously said before that its new development license agreement will help maintain edge over other smartphones and also help guarantee higher quality applications.

Apple already responded to this latest turn of event saying, “Someone has it backwards–it is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and H.264 (all supported by the iPhone and iPad) that are open and standard, while Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary.” The statement came from spokeswoman Trudy Muller.

Adobe company will concentrate instead in the mobile operating system of Google‘s Android.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) (logo pictured) will still be shipped with the iPhone Packager. It will just stop further development of the said tool.