Advertisers angry over Facebook click fraud


A number of advertisers are expressing their distaste for advertising over Facebook, when some of them have been cropping up with “click-throughs” to their respective sites that actually didn’t exist.

Facebook runs an advertising scheme which is similar to Google’s AdSense: advertisers pay a calculated fee that depends on how many people actually clicked their ads on Facebook’s sites. The problem is, Facebook is apparently reporting click counts which are way higher than what the ad sites are tracking.

When an advertiser puts up an ad on a click-ad-site like Facebook, he can look at his click numbers either through what Facebook is reporting, and through how many is actually logged by the website server. Advertisers are peeved that Facebook’s numbers are, on average, 20 to 100% higher than what they are supposed to be. And that number can translate to thousands of dollars for advertisers.

Most click fraud involves bots that do the clicking on ads instead of an actual human. These don’t amount to anything, because a computer clicking on an ad obviously will not benefit the advertiser in any way, and he is paying for that nonetheless.

However, the click fraud reported on Facebook is somewhat different – there were no clicks to begin with.

Users and communities have sent requests to Facebook for comment, but so far, there has been no official statement from Facebook.