Afghan Passenger Plane Crashes

An aging Antonov-24 turboprop passenger plane has crashed on Monday in Afghanistan’s secluded and mountainous Salang Pass, leaving more than 40 people missing. The Pamir Airways aircraft was headed for the capital Kabul from the northern city of Kunduz when it crashed in the foggy and snowy Hindu Kush region, where the 13,000 feet Salang Pass is located.

The plane was carrying 38 passengers and five crewmembers, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary, who confirmed the report to Reuters. At least five foreigners–three Britons, one American, and a German–were on board the missing plane, embassies of the foreign nationals have confirmed.

Authorities have not reported casualties while the wreckage of the plane has yet to be found. NATO forces-led rescue efforts were halted on Monday due to dense fog and snow in the area. Officials said search and rescue efforts will resume on Tuesday.

The incident is just the latest to occur in the pass, where military and small civilian aircraft crashes happen in an almost regular basis. Pamir Airways started operations in 1995 and is one of only three major airlines that fly domestic routes.