Ahmadinejad Blames US for Iran Suicide Bombings

For the first time since suicide bombers killed at least 27 people in the city of Zahedan last week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has finally spoken about the incident. Ahmadinejad pointed an accusing finger on the US, saying that “no grouping other than U.S.-backed terrorist groups which are devoid of human feelings can commit such acts.”

The bombings, which hit a mosque on Thursday, were claimed by the Iranian extremist group Jundallah. However, Ahmadinejad insists that US forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan were behind the attacks. “If (President Barack) Obama is not aware of actions by American forces, we tell him that American troops based in Afghanistan and Pakistan support these actions.”

Ahmadinejad said Iran will bring its case to international bodies, but he did not say if he will directly implicate the US in the complaint. Earlier, other Iranian officials, including Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, also blamed the US for the twin bombings in front of the Zahedan Grand Mosque.