Alexa Ray Joel Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Singer Alexa Ray Joel tried to commit suicide Saturday, December 5. The only daughter of Billy Joel and his second wife, supermodel Christie Brinkley, tried to overdose herself with a handful of sleeping pills. She is battling depression.alexa-ray-joel-billy-joel

The songwriter and pianist was rushed to St. Vincent Medical Center in Manhattan at around 12:30 PM after a 911 call from her West Village apartment. Her mother arrived at the hospital at around 4:30 PM and Billy was expected to arrive the same night.

Alexa is battling depression and has been is a state of emotional wreck for some years now. Contributing factors include the ugly breakup of her mother to Peter Cook, her father marrying a woman that has almost the same age as her and her very own breakup with former bandmate Jimmy Riot.

Latest update from New York Daily News quoted Claire Mercuri, Alexa’s and Billy’s personal publicist, saying, “Alexa is stable. Her doctors are assessing her needs and that’s all we can say at this moment.”