Alexander McQueen Death Ruled as Suicide

The death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen was ruled as suicide after an inquisition confirmed that he died by hanging and asphyxiation.alexander-mcqueen-logo

His body was found inside a closet in his apartment February 11, the day before the funeral of his mother who died February 2. The coroner also said that McQueen left a suicide note somewhere near his body. The note’s contents were not released to the public.

The formal ruling of the inquest will probably be conducted when it continues on April 28.

Days before he was found dead, the 40-year-old designer has been sending messages on Twitter. They carry a tone of agonizing over the death of his mother. He said that he had to “somehow pull myself together and finish.”

McQueen, whose real name is Lee Alexander McQueen, is notable for designing dramatic outfits for artists such as Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Bjork and most recognizably Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga actually thanked McQueen in one of her three acceptance speeches at the recently concluded Brit Awards, UK’s equivalent to Grammys.

A spokeswoman for London Fashion Week which opens Friday said that a simple and tasteful tribute will be given to the late designer. McQueen was awarded the British Designer of the Year award four times.