Alleged Mexican drug boss seized

Mexican police said they have arrested a man accused of being one of the most powerful and murderous drug lords in the world.

Eduardo Arellano Felix, considered number two in the infamous Tijuana drug cartel was arrested after a shootout in Tijuana, according to the Mexican defense department.

A three-hour gun combat go off involving more than 100 police and soldiers and the house was riddled with bullets, federal police were quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

Felix, 52, aka ‘The Doctor,’ is under indictment for drug smuggling by a Californian court which has offered a $US5 million reward for his capture.

According to reports, he maintained a large private army and allegedly took government corruption to a new level with millions of dollars in monthly bribes.

The US Justice Department blames the Tijuana union for importing and distributing loads of cocaine and marijuana in America.

Fighting between rival gangs has become ever more brutal, while attacks on police have also increased.

Almost 4,000 people have been killed in drug-related aggression since President Felipe Calderon took office some two years ago, despite a government crackdown involving the deployment of 36,000 troops across the country.