Allen Iverson Signs with Turkish Club

Allen-IversonSaying that he still has some basketball left in him, former Philadelphia 76ers starĀ Allen Iverson has agreed to a two-year deal with Turkish club Besiktas.

Iverson, 35, said in a press conference that he accepted Besiktas’ offer because he knows that he is still mentally and physically capable of playing basketball at a high level. “I’m at the point in my career where mentally and physically I know I can play basketball and that’s what I want to do. If I can’t play in the NBA, but I want to play basketball, that’s a decision I have to make,” he said.

Iverson, an 11-time NBA All-Star, will receive $4 million for his two-year contract. The former NBA Most Valuable Player, who is expected to make his Turkish Basketball League debut on November 20, said that the most important thing to him in making his decision was that he was wanted by the team. “My whole thing was being wanted and being accepted by a ball club. That was the most important thing to me: to be wanted.”