Amazon Launches Cloud Player

Amazon has beaten Google and Apple in the race to produce a cloud-based music player with the launch of its aptly named Cloud Player, which allows users to play their mp3s anywhere and anytime.

The Cloud Player gives users the option to save music they buy via the Amazon MP3 Store on the company’s Cloud Drive. Users may also upload music saved on their hard drives. The Cloud Player is available both as a Web browser-based and an Android-based app. Users can also create playlists, organize their collections, and download music to their hard drives.

Storing music on the Cloud Drive is free up to 5GB for all Amazon customers with valid billing address in the U.S. An album purchase through the Amazon MP3 Store increases the storage capacity to 20GB. Users can buy additional storage at $1 per GB if they want to go beyond 20GB.

The Cloud Player’s launch comes amid reported efforts by Google and Apple to come up with their own cloud-based music app.