‘American Idol’ Introduces Major Revamps for Season 10

nigel_lythgoeMusic videos and top 24 removed.

These are just some of the changes that will be implemented in the next season of American Idol.

First, the competition will no longer feature a top 24 and will go straight to the top 12.

“I didn’t think [the top 24] were very good,” returning executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said about the previous seasons. “I was bored with them by the time they got there.”

The contestants can now be as young as 15, will be asked to make the best music video, create an awards-show style performance which will include a band and back-up dancers, live in a house together, work with an in-house mentor (Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman Jimmy Iovine), themes more concentrated from past decades rather than specific artists, promote themselves and they will not be allowed to “hide behind” guitars and pianos every week.

Season 10 kicks of January 12, 2010 with new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, pioneer judge Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest.