American Idol: Smokey Robinson takes the stage with Joss Stone (Video)


Smokey Robinson debuts “You’re the One for Me,” a duet with Joss Stone from his forthcoming record, “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.”

Joss starts the song off kinda rough and there’s just something a little weird about their performance. Maybe it’s because they lack chemistry. But, they sound pretty cool. Despite his age, Smokey’s voice is still extraordinary. It’s just hard for me to watch them sing a love song since he’s old enough to be her dad.

Meanwhile, the music school owned by Joss’ mother has closed just weeks after the singer performed there. According to The Independent, the decision came after several neighbors lodged a noise complaint.

The Mama Stone’s school, which was opened in 2007 in Somerset, England, aimed to give aspiring pop stars lessons in writing music and performing.

VIDEO: Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone (You’re the One for Me)