Apple Explains Sex Ban Policy Issues

Apple is on a rampage to remove applications with “overtly sexual content” as part of its new policy. However, there are some applications that may have been overlooked and are still available for download.AppStore-icon

Developers of apps that have some sexual content are getting notified by Apple that their applications will be removed from the App Store.

Almost 5000 applications are being purged daily because of the new policy. Previously, there were only around 100 applications being removed every day.

The bigger problem being seen, however, is that some applications, like those of Sports Illustrated, Playboy and FHM are still hanging around.

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President for Worldwide Product Marketing made the explanations. First, he said that many women and parents are complaining regarding some applications the content of which are getting too objectionable. Regarding the other applications that were not purged, he said that they came from a well-known company with previously published materials that are available and accepted widely.

Of course, anyone can object that there seems to be no difference between those applications that were retained from the other purged applications. Also, others point out that Apple doesn’t have problems selling R-Rated movies on iTunes.