Apple Granted “Anti-Sexting” Patent

apple-iphoneApple was granted the patent in implementing a new technology, which will control text messages that are deemed to be “objectionable” and which can also be used as an educational and instructional tool.

Such objectionable material includes explicit text messaging, which is more known as sexting.

The messages containing unauthorized text will be censored or deleted entirely before it can even reach the intended recipients. Parents are given the option which will allow them to get an alert the moment their children attempts to send explicit messages.

Another good part of the patent is that the new technology can be used as an educational tool. According to the patent file, which was first submitted for approval in 2008, text messaging can be set with one or more modes for instructional aids, such as language, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

With the two features mentioned above, the Apple iPhone is posed to take a better market value for businesses, which is currently dominated by RIM BlackBerry, and for parents who are trying to decide which mobile units to give to their children, especially with the holidays being just around the corner.