Apple Releases Safari 5

Apple_SafariWith the focus entirely on the latest generation of the most popular smartphone today, the iPhone 4, Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have forgotten to mention in his keynote speech at the opening of the World Wide Developers Conference that the company’s web browser, Safari, is set to release its latest version on the very same day.

Safari 5 was released late Monday, June 7. It will be available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Included in the improvements is performance speed. It is 30% faster than Safari 4, 3% faster than Chrome 5.0, and twice as fast as Firefox. It is powered by Nitro JavaScript engine.

One new feature is Safari Reader. It will be able to detect a multipage article and format it in a single page. It will also remove any advertisement from the pages.

Support for HTML 5 was strengthened.

The DNS prefetching that was started by Google for Chrome is now available with Safari 5. This will lookup the addresses of all the links found in a webpage.

Bing will also now be included as a built-in search in addition to Google and Yahoo.