Apple Roars with a Lion; MacBook Air Gets Even Thinner

macbookair_11Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, unleashed announcements in the company’s Back to Mac event in Cupertino, California, Wednesday, October 20 that includes a thinner MacBook Air, iLife 11, Facetime for Mac, a new update of the Mac OS X called Lion and even a Mac App Store.

“We wondered what would happen if a MacBook and an iPad hooked up,” said Jobs as he introduces the latest version of the MacBook Air.

The new revision has an 11.6 display option and at 2.3 pounds, the lightest of the MacBook Air to date. It can be bought with a 64 GB storage at 999 USD or at 128 GB storage at 1199 USD. A 13.3-inch model (2.9 pounds) is available with 128 GB (1299 USD) and 256 GB (1599) versions.

Both versions boast of using Intel Core 2 Duo processors and will have full keyboard.

Meanwhile, the upcoming version of the Mac OS X, the Lion, will bring the Mac operating system closer to its cousin, the iOS. Features in iPod, iPhone and iPad, such as multitouch, a full screen function and yes, even a Mac App Store, will be brought in to the Mac OS.

The Mac App Store will become a key part of the new upgrade. It will also have a “launch” pad to organize and start new applications in Macs. An initial set of guidelines has already been issued for potential developers of applications that can be featured in the new store.

The iLife 11 gets new features that ranges from new slideshow functionality, new audio editing and Groove Matching.

Facetime for Mac will allow users to call directly from a Macintosh to an iPhone.

The latest MacBook Air is already available online and in retail stores. The Lion will pounce its way in shelves summer of 2011. The ILife 11 update is now available online for 49 USD. Facetime beta version is also available online.