Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt Met Over Coffee


It seems like it’s not so important news if two men are seen drinking coffee in a cafe as many do that on a daily basis. But it is a different story if those two men are billionaires who were reported to have been at odds with each other.

Steve Jobs of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Google were photographed together at the Calafia cafe in Town and Country Shopping Center at Palo Alto, California.

Schmidt left the Apple Board of Directors last year after the two companies started to have a stiffer competition with each other. The New York Times reported this month that Jobs felt betrayed that Google entered the smartphone arena.

jobs and schmidt over coffee

A tipster sent the photograph above to Gizmodo. Those who witnessed the scene stated that they have overhead them saying, “They’re going to see it all eventually, so who cares how they get it,” and “Let’s go discuss this somewhere more private.”

[Image credit – Gizmodo]