Arrest Warrant Issued Against Cyclist Floyd Landis

A French judge issued an arrest warrant against cyclist Floyd Landis for computer and data hacking in a doping company that had some relations to his urine test results in 2006 that led him to lose his 2006 Tour de France title.Floyd-Landis

Landis won the title of 2006 Tour de France. He was stripped of his title however after he tested positive for unusual high ratio of hormone testosterone levels compared to his hormone epitestosterone (T/E). He denied the allegations and asked that his backup sample be tested.

It also tested positive. He was then suspended from professional cycling and was banned from participating in the sports for two years. His ratio was later informed to the public to be at 11:1, far from the regular 4:1.

In November 2006, the computers at the French national laboratory for doping detection were hacked. After investigations, the IP which the hacker is supposed to have used belong to Arnie Baker, Landis’s former coach.

The arrest warrant was issued so he could be questioned regarding possible involvement in the hacking which now looks like it was done to discredit the findings.