At Least 10 Killed as Taliban Attacks Kabul

They may be close to surrendering one of their strongholds, but Taliban insurgents showed they are not about to just fade away by attacking the Afghan capital on Friday. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that the group was responsible for a series of bombings that rocked Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul early Friday morning.

Police said at least 10 people have been killed by the suicide bombings that targeted two residential buildings used primarily by foreign workers. Defense Ministry official Gen. Ahman Zia Yaftali said the dead included Afghan police officers and some civilians. More than 30 others have been wounded, reports said.

The attacks come as a combination of U.S.-led NATO forces and Afghan military continue to advance in the Taliban stronghold of Marjah. The Allied forces conducted a ceremony on Thursday where the Afghan flag was raised for the first time since the Taliban took over the city. Operation Moshtarak, as the Marjah operation is called, was started in February 13. It is aimed at flushing out the Taliban from Marjah and the Helmand province, considered the poppy growing center of the country.