Australian Senate Rejects Climate Change Bill

The Australian Senate has rejected for the second time a bill proposing carbon-trading scheme that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is hoping to present in the Copenhagen climate change talks between world leaders next week.carbon-emissions

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that the government would send again the bill for a third time in February when parliament resumes. She also dismissed ideas that the Prime Minister will call an election early next year. Under the constitution, he has the power to resolve deadlocks between the Senate and the House of Representatives through an election. The House already approved the bill.

“Today the climate change extremists and deniers… have stopped this nation taking action on climate change,” Gillard said. “This nation is one of the hottest and driest continents on Earth. We are going to be hit particularly hard and early by climate change.”

The Senate has voted 41 to 33 against the bill.