Avatar breaks Box Office Records

Avatar has broken box office records as the highest grossing opening that’s neither a sequel, a remake nor a direct adaptation. It has also also achieved the highest opening weekend for a 3D movie.avatar-box-office

The film raked in 77 million dollars at the first weekend taking in first place. This makes the movie the highest grossing film with a brand new story line. Movies at the top of the list include the sixth Harry Potter, the third Spiderman and the third Pirates of the Caribbean.

For a 3D film, it has beaten the record set last May by Up which is at 68 million dollars.

As of the moment, reports vary as whether Avatar has taken the highest opening for the month of December. The record is currently held by I Am Legend which is at 77.2 million dollars. The snow storm in northeastern United States has lowered the ticket sales for the movie.

Avatar is directed by James Cameron whose last film, Titanic, is still the highest grossing film of all time worldwide (unadjusted inflation) which stands at 1.8 billion dollars. Its cast includes, Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, and  Sigourney Weaver. Saldana has already signed up for any potential sequels, which Cameron said he is planning two.